Where Can You Get Quality backlinks?

Where To Find Good SEO Backlinks

Good backlinks are the fuel that drives the internet, especially search engines. Each link that points to a page of your site either counts as a positive or a negative for or against your search engine rankings.

The importance of backlinks can’t be stressed enough, it isn’t possible to rank well for anything competitive without the support of trustworthy websites ‘recommending’ your content.

A good quality backlink needs to be on a Google indexed page, from within relevant content, with a ‘do-follow’ attribute, and with relevant link category and good trust score. If you don’t know what trust score is you can analyse web pages at majesticseo.com or ahrefs.com to choose sites that will pass good relevance.

What Is Relevance

Most people think that a relevant link is a link that comes from within themed text, but you need to do better than that because of the way that Google assesses each site page.

Every page is assigned a link category, which is determined by the most powerful links that point to it, so for your site to earn the best rankings, you need to give it the most relevant link category, but building links from authoritative sites that already have that category.

This will make your site a dominant website and depending on your on-page content, you will climb in Google and rank well for competitive search terms and phrases.

How To Find Link Opportunities

If you are looking for your own backlinks to build, start by using either of the two analysis sites above to analyse the top ranking competitors for the most competitve keywords you would like to rank for.

You will see all of the sites that link to them and their link category.

Once you have analysed a few competitors you will get a feel for the dominant link categories that are affecting their rankings.

The link category doesn’t need to be the dominant category on every link, but the more the merrier for long term success.

When combined with search engine friendly web design from CRWD, specific category links will propel you up Google listings.

Once you have a list of linking possibilities you need to visit each in turn and look for the possibility to offer your own content, add a link, or contact the webmaster and ask for a link.

This can be time consuming to do yourself.

If you need help and assistance, get high quality links from DeehoSEO or try SEO³ Website Optimisation Consultancy who can build you the best quality links possible to boost your Google rankings.

If you submit your own article and it is published on a new page, be aware that the page won’t do you much good as it’ll be an ‘orphan’ link until it has links of its own.

You will need to create a few category specific links into it too, so only publish articles if you have the time to create the second tier backlinks too. Learn about SEO orphan pages @ seo-trainingcourses.com

If all this sounds like too much time and effort, you can always either buy quality links or have an SEO company build quality links for you.

Get effective one way backlinks from OWL – leading backlink builders and take your website marketing to the next level.


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