The Advantages of Plantation Window Shutters

Advantages of Plantation Window Shutters

Wooden or PVC internal window shutters are increasingly popular with home owners as an alternative to curtains or blinds.

Modern materials, design and manufacturing allows for lighter, stronger, more stylish shutter design than ever before.


Shutters help to maintain the temperature inside your home, retaining heat in winter and keeping you cool in summer.


Louvered shutters give you a choice between privacy and visibility. With the shutters closed you can adjust the louvers to permit daylight.

Shutters with integrated blackout blinds, ideal for bedrooms, or cinema rooms where you may need total darkness during the day.


Shutters come in every conceivable colour or wood finish. Additionally, they have different styles to suit different window types, recessed, flush, etc.

Shutters can be manufactured to fit almost any window shape or design, even round, arched or triangular windows!

While standard shutter sizes can be bought off the shelf, it is well worth paying a little more for made to measure shutters as the difference in finish is superior.

Light Control

Curtains are either open or closed, blinds are either up or down. With shutters however, you have much more control over light and can adjust the louvered slats to suit your requirements perfectly.


Shutters are great for security, keeping out prying eyes. Cafe style, half height shutters offer a great balance between preventing passers by from looking in, while also allowing in maximum daylight through the top half of the window.

Split shutters allow the same, but additionally you can close the top halves too for increased security.

Lockable shutters allow you to leave windows open, allowing air in, while preventing intruders from having access.


Wooden shutters are a flexible addition to your home decor. In the future, as fashions change, you can repaint your shutters. To match your hanging decor. This is much cheaper than replacing curtains or blinds.

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