How To Take Great Photographs

Good Photographs Sell Online

If you want your website to sell online then you will need to use good quality photographs that show off your products as well as possible.

Photographs are the only way that your visitors have to be able to examine what you’re selling, so being able to zoom in and see the detail for all your products is very important.

Many website owners take money saving shortcuts with their web images, either taking images themselves using their phones or ‘borrowing’ product images from other websites. This is illegal in many countries however and you really shouldn’t do it.

The best looking websites tend to have the best looking photographs and that is no coincidence. Images sell online and the investment in high quality imagery isn’t ever wasted.

Amateurish photography will detract from your websites appearance and make you look much less professional. If you have a look around the most successful websites, ask yourself this question….. how many of then permit the usage of poor quality images?

Image Tells A Thousand Words

This old adage is very true, people buy with their eyes and in the absence of being able to touch an item, your potential customers will expect to be able to explore your items in close up detail.

For web designers this poses a challenge, because you need large images so people can see the product, but the image file size needs to be small enough to allow it to load fast on all devices and networks including rural mobile networks.

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